Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus render

Due to legal restrictions, Apple never operated its own retail stores in India. Apple’s products were sold through two big retail distributors across India. Over the last few years, Indian government lifted the restrictions that prevented companies like Apple to have their own retail stores in India.

Last year, Apple announced that it would open its own retail stores in India. Now, Apple has officially started hiring people for its retail stores in Delhi and Mumbai, the two largest cities in India. Apple is hiring for both full-time and part-time jobs. Some of the job listings are listed below.

  • As an Operations Expert, you and your team have the incredible responsibility of ensuring products take the final step in the supply chain: getting into customers’ hands. You’re in charge of the store’s entire inventory — products, parts, tools, supplies and everything else.
  • As a Market Leader, you inspire teams to deliver experiences that build customer loyalty and guide the development of your management talent. Because each location operates sales, training, technical support, and business-focused segments, your job is complex and challenging. You lead your staff to maintain peak performance, even working side by side with them.
  • As a Specialist, you’re highly skilled at uncovering customers’ needs, then following through with enlightening solutions. Not only are you the first person customers meet when they enter the store, you’re also the person who guides them — advising, selling and even setting up their new products.
  • As a Technical Specialist, you help new owners get started and current ones get quick, efficient support — developing strong, positive relationships with Apple. When a customer needs assistance, you quickly assess their situation. Sometimes you take care of customers with advice or a solution on the spot, using your knowledge of current Apple technology to help with iPod, iPhone and iPad devices.
  • As a Senior Manager, you guide other leaders to inspire top performance from their teams. You monitor multiple lines of business within the store to achieve operational objectives and collaborate with corporate business partners to report results.

You can find the job listings here.