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Samsung takes on Apple and LG with the new ViewFinity S9 5K monitor

Samsung Viewfinity S9

Ahead of CES 2023 event, Samsung today announced the new ViewFinity S9 (S90PC) to compete with Apple and LG in the professional display market. The ViewFinity S9 monitor features a 5K 27-inch screen with 5,120 x 2,880 resolution, support for wide color gamut of 99% DCI-P3, and average Delta E ≦21 color accuracy for precise color representation.

Samsung has included a built-in Color Calibration Engine in this monitor to ensure precise screen color and brightness. Users can use the Samsung Smart Calibration app to adjust white balance, Gamma and RGB color balance. Thanks to the Matte Display, you will have reduced light reflection and glare.

Users can connect devices to this monitor through USB-C and Thunderbolt 4. It also comes with a 4K SlimFit camera that supports native video conferencing through apps such as Google Meet available in the Samsung Smart Hub.

Along with the new ViewFinity S9, Samsung also announced the Smart Monitor M8 (M80C) which now comes in a new 27-inch size in addition to the existing 32-inch size. This 4K monitor is available in four colors: Daylight Blue, Spring Green, Sunset Pink or Warm White. Also, the screen can now pivot 90 degrees.

Other new features in Smart Monitor M8:

  • The Smart Monitor M8 can connect, control and manage hundreds of compatible connected devices through the built-in SmartThings Hub. Samsung will add Matter functionality and Home Connectivity Alliance standards from this year onwards.
  • Mouse control functionality has been added to many of the Smart Monitor’s over-the-top apps, including SmartThings and the Smart Hub, for a new level of convenient control without a remote.
  • The new My Contents feature provides users with helpful information at a glance. When the monitor is on standby mode and detects a registered smartphone through low-power Bluetooth, it shows the user’s personalized photos, schedule and more on the screen. The monitor returns to standby mode when the phone moves out of range.
  • The integrated SlimFit camera in the Smart Monitor M8 has been upgraded with 2K resolution and works with video conferencing apps such as Google Meet.
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