Meta Luxexcel

Meta has acquired Luxexcel, a technology company that has developed methodology to 3D print lenses. They are the pioneers of 3D printed prescription lenses world-wide. Luxexcel’s technology enables organizations to 3D print prescription lenses in volume, create better lenses and integrate smart technology in lenses.

Luxexcel VisionPlatform includes a 3D printer, software, printing processes, and proprietary lens printing material which combined create high-quality lenses.

Meta will make use of Luxexcel’s technology to improve its AR efforts.

Luxexcel’s technology offers the following unique design benefits for both smart and traditional eyewear:

  • Smart prescription lenses which appear like fashionable eyewear
  • Thinner and lighter lenses than any other manufacturing method
  • Customized lens designs, including mass customization
  • Ability to integrate smart devices inside lenses as we print
  • Combination of waveguides, prescription, and light engine into one module allowing the device to be used as regular prescription eyewear