Microsoft Teams Premium meeting recap

At Ignite 2022, Microsoft announced Teams Premium, a new Teams plan that will offer several new AI-powered features including Intelligent recap, live translations for captions, meeting guides, AI-generated tasks, advanced webinars features and more. Microsoft Teams Premium is expected to be available in February 2023. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Teams Premium is now available in preview for commercial customers as a limited trial. Microsoft Teams Premium features are rolling out this December and will continue to roll out through January.

Teams Premium will bring the Teams meeting innovation into one offering and will make meetings more personalized with:

  • Meeting guides that will help users pick the right meeting experience. Because guides are easily customized and managed by IT, users can select a guide – like a client call, a brainstorm meeting or Help Desk support – and the options will already be set, reducing the time and thought process around getting the meeting right.
  • The ability to brand the meeting experience with custom logos and backgrounds for the Teams lobby, custom backgrounds at an organizational level and custom scenes for Together mode to infuse the company’s brand into virtual interactions.

Teams Premium will be more intelligent with:

  • An intelligent recap that will give users personalized highlights from Teams meetings to help discover information that matters most. Users can miss a meeting, but not miss out.
  • AI-generated tasks that are automatically assigned from meetings, so action items are not missed. It’s like having a virtual assistant attend every meeting.
  • Intelligent playback with automatically generated chapters to easily navigate a Teams meeting recording and help understand the content of a meeting discussion.
  • Personalized insights in meeting recordings that will call out important moments in the meeting, such as when a user’s name was mentioned, a screen was shared and when people have joined and left.
  • Intelligent search will make searching the transcripts easier with suggested speakers personalized for the user so they can quickly refer to a specific point for reference.
  • Live Translations for captions will deliver AI-powered real-time translations for 40 spoken languages, so users can read live captions in their own language. This capability will help break down language barriers to help create more inclusive meetings.

Teams Premium will be more secure with:

  • Advanced meeting protection that will make it easy to safeguard confidential meetings, such as board meetings, financial discussions or an undisclosed product launch review. With new meeting options, like watermarking to deter leaks and limiting who can record, users get additional protections to help keep the discussion private. Microsoft 365 E5 customers who have the most advanced security requirements will be able to leverage existing Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels to automatically apply relevant meeting protection options.

Teams Premium will extend the familiar experience of Teams to help users engage more deeply with customers by offering:

  • Advanced webinars that will help users deepen connections and engagement with internal and external audiences. In addition to the basic webinar functionality available in Office 365 and Microsoft 365, advanced webinars in Teams Premium will include a registration waitlist and manual approvals, automated reminder emails, a virtual green room for hosts and presenters and the ability to manage what attendees see.
  • Advanced virtual appointments designed for business-to-consumer (B2C) engagements. In addition to the basic virtual appointment value in Microsoft 365 plans (access to the Virtual Appointment app, the ability to join an appointment through a mobile web browser and schedule through Microsoft Teams Calendar or Microsoft Bookings), advanced virtual appointments in Teams Premium will help users manage the end-to-end appointment experience, including pre-appointment SMS reminders, a branded lobby experience and post-appointment follow-ups. Organizations will also get both scheduled and on-demand appointments, a simplified view of all virtual appointments to track customers joining and wait times and pre-appointment chat capabilities to communicate with customers and analytics.

You can learn more about the above features in detail from the source link below. Microsoft Team Premium is expected to cost USD10 per user per month. Official pricing will be available at general availability.