Windows Search Work Vertical

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the availability of a major addition to Windows Search for enterprise users. This new Windows Search feature is called the Work vertical, and it is now available for users signed into a work account on Windows. To start using this feature, you can just type Work: followed by your search term in Windows Search box.

Work vertical in Windows Search will include the following in search results:

  • Answers, including bookmarks, Q&As, acronyms, and more
  • People
  • Files
  • Messages (Outlook emails and Teams chats)
  • Groups
  • Sites
  • Yammer
  • Connected data like Service Now tickets, Salesforce data, intranet websites, ADO work items, and many more.

Another neat feature of Work vertical is that web results will never appear in search results. Also, the results are personalized and all content adheres to the same access controls and permissions that are applied across all Microsoft Search experiences.