Instagram Candid Stories

Instagram today announced two significant new features. First, the new Instagram Notes feature will allow you to make short text posts of up to 60 characters. To create a note, go to your inbox, select the followers you follow back or people on your Close Friends list, and your note will appear at the top of their inbox for 24 hours.

Notes give people a casual and spontaneous way to express themselves and connect with each other.

Instagram is also taking BeReal with a new feature called Candid Stories. Candid Stories will be visible to those who also share their own.

Capture a candid from the stories camera, the multi-author story at the top of feed, or from the daily notification reminder that starts after your first candid.

Instagram is also testing an update to Add Yours where you can invite friends to participate by tapping “pass it on” when you see a prompt that reminds you of them.

Instagram also announced Group Profiles which will allow people to create and share posts and stories in a dedicated, shared profile with friends. Whenever you share content to a Group Profile, the content will only be shared to group members instead of your followers, and will be posted on the Group Profile instead of your own.

Finally, Collaborative Collections will allow people to connect with friends over their shared interests by saving posts to a collaborative collection in their group or 1:1 DMs.