Lumenisity Microsoft

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it has acquired Lumenisity which offers world-leading Hollowcore optical cable solutions to customers worldwide. Hollowcore Fibre (HCF) optical cable offers reliable, deployable, low latency and high bandwidth connections for communication networks. Lumenisity has its world’s first dedicated HCF manufacturing facility in Romsey, UK.

Lumenisity offers the following:

  • Increased overall speed and lower latency as light travels through HCF 47% faster than standard silica glass.
  • Enhanced security and intrusion detection due to Lumenisity’s innovative inner structure.
  • Lower costs, increased bandwidth and enhanced network quality due to elimination of fiber nonlinearities and broader spectrum.
  • Potential for ultra-low signal loss enabling deployment over longer distances without repeaters.

Microsoft will use this acquisition to further optimize its global cloud infrastructure and serve Microsoft’s Cloud Platform and Services customers with strict latency and security requirements.

As part of the Lumenisity acquisition, Microsoft plans to utilize the organization’s technology and team of industry-leading experts to accelerate innovations in networking and infrastructure.