Microsoft Bing Gift Ideas

Microsoft Bing is ready to help you with holiday shopping. The new features will allow you to find a perfect gift for your loved ones, see gift guides from top publishers, holiday catalogues from leading retailers and more.

To access the Bing Gift Guide, you can try using these search terms in your geography:
•    US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India: search for gift guide or holiday shopping
•    Germany: search for Geschenke-Guide or Weihnachten
•    France: search for guide des cadeaux  or noël
•    Italy: search for guida ai regali or shopping natalizio
•    Spain: search for ideas de regalo or compras de navidad

Bing can also help save you money by providing coupon information within your search results, without the need for a browser extension or plugin.

Also, Bing now allows you to check out holiday catalogs from leading retailers. There are hot spots within the flyers themselves which will take you directly to the merchant to make a purchase.