Google has announced new tools to make it easier to dive deeper and explore topics that are related to a search.

Google will now show an easy-to-scroll list of related topics alongside the filters at the top of the search results page to help you drill down or discover something new about a specific topic. You can add or remove topics, which are designated by a + symbol, to quickly zoom in or backtrack on a search.

For example, if you’re searching for “dinner ideas,” you might see topics like “healthy” or “easy.” Tapping on a topic adds it to your query, helping you quickly refine your search results with less typing. Topics are dynamic and will change as you tap, giving you more options and helping you explore new areas. For example, if you tapped on “healthy,” you might see “vegetarian” or “quick” appear next.

Animation of a smartphone showing filters being added to a dinner ideas search. Filters include “Healthy” and “Vegetarian.”

When you conduct a search, the systems automatically display relevant topics for you based on what Google understand about how people search and from analyzing content across the web.

Both topics and filters are shown in the order that the systems automatically determine is most helpful for your specific query. If you don’t see a particular filter you want, you can find more using the “All filters” option, which is available at the end of the row.

Animation of smartphone showing “dinner ideas” search with a user scrolling sideways through a list of filters.

The change will roll out for English users in the U.S. on the Google app on iOS and Android, and the mobile web over the coming days.