Microsoft To Do Auto populate

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Microsoft To Do now supports auto population of tasks due today in the My Day list.

With this feature, your tasks will appear in My Day on their due dates. This will be done automatically so that you can stay on top of your priorities. As always, you can also add tasks manually in My Day. You can go to the My Day list in To Do app to enjoy this new feature.

You will see a list of all of your tasks due today, including any tasks that were previously added to your lists and are due today.

With Microsoft To Do, you can:

• Stay focused with My Day, a personalized daily planner with suggested tasks
• Get your lists anywhere, on any device
• Share lists and assign tasks with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates
• Personalize your lists with bold and colorful backgrounds
• Set one-time or recurring due dates and reminders
• Break your tasks into manageable steps
• Add notes to any task
• Attach files up to 25 MB to any task
• Sync your tasks between Outlook and To Do
• Group your lists together by topic or project