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AWS announces several new cloud services to take on Azure and GCP

Amazon AWS

At reInvent 2022, Amazon’s AWS announced several new cloud services to meet the growing needs of enterprise customers around the world. These new services along with the updates to the existing services will put AWS well ahead of Azure and Google Cloud in the cloud computing market. While Amazon announced several new services and updates at reInvent 2022, I’ve listed the major ones below.

  • New Amazon EC2 Instance Types – C7gn, R7iz, and Hpc7g
    • C7gn Instances are designed for your most demanding network-intensive workloads: network virtual appliances (firewalls, virtual routers, load balancers, and so forth), data analytics, and tightly-coupled cluster computing jobs.
    • Hpc7g instances are designed to give you the best price/performance for tightly coupled compute-intensive HPC and distributed computing workloads, and deliver 200 Gbps of dedicated network bandwidth that is optimized for traffic between instances in the same VPC.
    • R7iz Instances instances are a perfect match for your Electronic Design Automation (EDA), financial, actuarial, and simulation workloads.
  • New Amazon QuickSight API Capabilities to Accelerate BI
    • QuickSight APIs now allow programmatic creation and management of dashboards, analysis, and templates.
  • Accelerate Your Lambda Functions with Lambda SnapStart
    • After you enable Lambda SnapStart for a particular Lambda function, publishing a new version of the function will trigger an optimization process.
  • New AI Service Features and Enhancements
    • Amazon Textract Analyze Lending makes it easy to classify and extract mortgage loan data
    • Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics for improved end-user experiences
    • Amazon Kendra adds new search capabilities
    • Amazon HealthLake offers next-generation imaging solutions and precision health analytics
    • Amazon CodeWhisperer offers broader support and easier administration
  • Amazon OpenSearch Serverless – Run Search and Analytics Workloads without Managing Clusters
    • A new serverless option for Amazon OpenSearch Service that makes it easy for customers to run large-scale search and analytics workloads without managing clusters.
  • Amazon Redshift Integration with Apache Spark
    • Amazon Redshift integration for Apache Spark, which makes it easy to build and run Spark applications on Amazon Redshift and Redshift Serverless, enabling customers to open up the data warehouse for a broader set of AWS analytics and machine learning (ML) solutions.
  • Amazon Security Lake – A Purpose-Built Customer-Owned Data Lake Service
    •  Amazon Security Lake is a purpose-built service that automatically centralizes an organization’s security data from cloud and on-premises sources into a purpose-built data lake stored in your account.
  • AWS SimSpace Weaver–Run Large-Scale Spatial Simulations in the Cloud
    • A new compute service to run real-time spatial simulations in the cloud and at scale. With SimSpace Weaver, simulation developers are no longer limited by the compute and memory of their hardware.
  • AWS for Advertising & Marketing
    • AWS for Advertising & Marketing, an initiative that features new and existing capabilities from AWS and AWS Partners used by thousands of customers globally for their advertising and marketing technology workloads.
  • AWS Supply Chain
    • AWS Supply Chain is an application that improves supply chain visibility and provides actionable insights to help businesses optimize supply chain processes and improve service levels. Customers can easily set up a unified supply chain data lake using AWS Supply Chain’s built-in connectors, which use pre-trained machine learning models based on Amazon.com’s 30 years of supply chain experience.
  • Amazon Omics
    •  Amazon Omics is a purpose-built service to help bioinformaticians, researchers, and scientists store, query, and analyze genomic, transcriptomic, and other omics data and then generate insights from that data to improve health and advance scientific discoveries.
  • AWS Verified Access Preview:
    • A new secure connectivity service that allows enterprises to enable local or remote secure access for their corporate applications without requiring a VPN.
  • Redesigned UI for Amazon SageMaker Studio
    • The redesigned UI makes it easier for you to discover and get started with the ML tools in SageMaker Studio. One highlight of the new UI includes a redesigned navigation menu with links to SageMaker capabilities that follow the typical ML development workflow from preparing data to building, training, and deploying ML models.
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