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November Xbox Update brings Discord Voice channels, much more

The Xbox November update is currently rolling out and is bringing a number of exciting new features.

This month’s update provides the ability to connect your Discord voice channels directly from your Xbox console, updates to wish list gifting and sale notifications, an improved capture experience for your game clips, and a lot more.

Connect to your Discord voice channels from your Xbox console

Starting today, Microsoft has made it even easier to chat with Discord friends across mobile, console, and PC. When your Discord account is linked to Xbox, you can now join voice channels from your Discord servers directly from your Xbox console. To try it, open the guide, scroll to Parties & chats, and select Discord. Then scroll through your available Discord servers and pick a voice channel. You’ll see a preview of your friends who are in a Discord server and voice channel before you join.

Noise suppression in Discord Voice on Xbox Series X|S

Noise suppression has been activated to produce even clearer audio when you connect to Discord Voice on Xbox Series X|S consoles. This feature blocks background noises like barking dogs and clicking keyboards while continuing to clearly transmit your voice. If you prefer your audio unfiltered, you can turn it off in the Discord call Options section.

Wish list gifting and sale notifications – Microsoft Store on Xbox

Gifting from your wish list is getting easier this holiday. When you share your Xbox wish list from your console or xbox.com with family and friends, they’ll receive a notification to check it out. They can choose to Buy as gift and have it sent to you, and they’ll receive a notification once you’ve received it.

You’ll also get notifications when items on your wish list go on sale. The new wish list notification will show up in the guide and as a pop-up to let you know when your wish list games go on sale and what the discount is. New preferences for Store notifications have also been added. In Settings > Preferences > Store notifications, you can decide if you want to see notifications in the guide, when your wish list items are on sale, and more.

New integrated Captures app for your gaming moments

Microsoft has added a new Captures app to your Xbox. You can find it in the Capture & share tab of the guide, as well as My games & apps, and it offers improved viewing, management, and editing of your game captures. It also lets you copy your game clips and screenshots directly to an external drive. And for better playback quality, Xbox Series X|S consoles now provide an increased bit rate for game clips captured in 720p and 1080p.

Enhanced power options and customization

More detailed information about Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One console power usage is now available. Under Settings General > Power options, you can compare the power use of your console in either Shutdown (energy saving) or Sleep mode to help you decide which works best for you. New Xbox Series X|S consoles default to Shutdown (energy saving) mode, which you can change any time in Settings.

Microsoft has also added the ability to further customize your power options, including the ability to turn off the console after a specified period of inactivity.

Live stream with Twitch, Lightstream, and Streamlabs Studio from your Xbox console

You can now start your live stream directly from your Xbox console with Twitch, Lightstream, and Streamlabs. To get started, open the guide and go to Capture & share > Live streaming > More options. Then scroll down to Destination to stream from the Twitch, Lightstream, or Streamlabs Studio apps. With the newly integrated streaming experiences, the Twitch app on Xbox consoles is now dedicated to viewing only.

Controller rumble for Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) on PC and Mac   

Controller rumble is now available for cloud gaming on PC and Mac via Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers, with Samsung TVs also being updated this month. Pick up your favourite controller that supports controller rumble, like the Xbox Wireless Controller or Sony DualShock 4, and start playing.

Recommendations in Settings

Microsoft has added a new Recommendations section in Settings with a summary of things you can do to get the most out of your Xbox. Recommendations vary between consoles and accounts based on your current settings. For example, a recommendation to “Set up your audio” will help you play your media to its highest potential.

Ask to join  

Want to join a friend’s game? You can now “Ask to join” directly from someone’s profile and not just from the “Happening now” page. Your friend will get notified that you’re interested and can respond with an invite or message.

Xbox Assist redesigned as Xbox Support

Xbox Assist has a new name – “Xbox Support”. Microsoft has updated the design and articles are now scrollable. You can now more easily navigate to help articles, manage your subscriptions, view your order history, check your account settings, and monitor any active enforcement actions from your account on the Xbox Support app home page.


The updates are rolling our right now.

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