Microsoft SQL Server 2022

Microsoft today announced the general availability of SQL Server 2022 with improved performance, security, and availability.

SQL Server 2022 now supports data virtualization for any data lake, Object storage backup and restore and Azure Synapse Link. When it comes to performance improvements, SQL Server 2022 comes with the following features:

  • Buffer pool parallel scan
  • Query Store on by default with replica support
  • Query Store hints
  • Integrated acceleration & offloading
  • Hybrid buffer pool with direct write
  • Advanced Vector Extension (AVX) 512 extension to improve batch mode operations

To improve availability, SQL Server 2022 now supports multi-write replication, large memory and concurrency scalability, link to Azure SQL Managed Instance – bidirectional and contained availability group.

SQL Server 2022 comes with following new security features:

  • Azure Active Directory authentication
  • Microsoft Purview Integration data owner policies
  • SQL Ledger
  • Support for PFX certificates and other cryptographic enhancements
  • MS-TDS 8.0 protocol and TLS 1.3

Finally, Microsoft has added support for bit manipulation functions and time series support.

SQL Server 2022’s connections to Azure, including Azure Synapse Link and Microsoft Purview make it easier for customers to drive deeper insights, predictions, and governance from their data at scale.

You can download SQL Server 2022 here.