Windows 11 users who also own iPhones have just scored a major win, with Microsoft announcing that they will soon be able to access their iCloud photos directly from the Microsoft Windows 11 Photos app.

The iCloud Photos integration will make it easier for those with an iPhone to have direct access to all their cherished memories in one organized place, in the same way they can access their photos stored on OneDrive.

To bring your iCloud Photos into the Photos app, make sure your Photos app is updated and then install the iCloud for Windows app, all from the Microsoft Store. From there, sign in and choose to sync your photos, and all your iCloud Photos content will appear automatically in your Photos app.

Microsoft says the recently updated Photos app on Windows 11 has been thoughtfully crafted to make organization of your photo collection easy, no matter where your photos and videos come from.

The update will begin to roll out today via a Microsoft Store update to the Photos app and is expected to be available to all Windows 11 customers by end of the month.