Microsoft .Net 7 download

Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of .NET 7 with several new features and improvements. This new .NET 7 release comes with native support for ARM64, improved .NET support on Linux, several performance improvements, improvements to .NET MAUI, a partnership with Canonical that includes .NET with Ubuntu and more.

You can read the full list of improvements and features from Microsoft’s official blog post here. Below is the summary of changes in .NET 7:

  • Unified
    • One BCL (Base Class Library)
    • New TFMs
    • Native support for ARM64
    • Enhanced .NET support on Linux
  • Modern
    • Continued performance improvements
    • Developer productivity enhancements, like container-first workflows
    • Build cross-platform mobile and desktop apps from same codebase
  • .NET is for cloud-native apps
    • Easy to build and deploy distributed cloud native apps
  • Simple
    • Simplify and write less code with C# 11
    • HTTP/3 and minimal APIs improvements for cloud native apps
  • Performance
    • Numerous perf improvements

You can download .NET 7 here. Also, the .NET 7 is officially supported by Microsoft, and it will be supported for 18 months.

As a free and open source platform, .NET meets developers where they’re at by helping them innovatively build and run efficient cloud native apps with ease.