Early this month, Microsoft introduced Bing Image Creator, a new service that will allow anyone to create an image by just providing a text description. If you are unable to find an image on the web that matches your description, you can use this new Bing Image Creator to create an image that doesn’t exist. Just describe something with any additional context like location or activity, and an art style, and Bing Image Creator will make a suitable image for you.

Microsoft has now announced that Microsoft Bing Image Creator is now available in a limited preview in select markets. You can check it out here.

You’re really only limited by your imagination here, so please try your own prompt, and see what the tool creates.

Microsoft has a strict content usage policy for Bing Image Creator. You can’t use Image Creator to produce content that can inflict harm on individuals or society. This includes adult content or content that describes, features, or promotes sexual exploitation, content that praises, supports, promotes, glorifies, encourages self-injury or suicide, content that describes graphic violence or gore, and more. You can find their full content policy here.

Microsoft Bing Image Creator will also be available via Microsoft Edge browser later this month. Check out the demo video below.