windows subsystem for android

Windows Subsystem for Android enables Windows 11 devices to run Android applications that are available in the Amazon Appstore. Over the past 1 year, Microsoft has been releasing regular updates to improve the overall experience of Windows Subsystem for Android.

Microsoft has now published the roadmap of Windows Subsystem for Android on its GitHub page. As you can see from the table below, Microsoft has plans to bring Android 13 to Windows Subsystem for Android. Also, Microsoft has plans to bring support for File Transfer, Shortcuts, Picture-in-Picture, and local network access.

Here’s a summary of what’s currently ✅ available or ❌ unavailable and what we have on our radar for the ⏩future:

Current FeaturesFuture Roadmap
❌ Android Widgets
✅ Certain Audio Codecs
✅ Camera (front + back)
✅ ClearKey DRM or MPEG-DASH content
❌ Direct Bluetooth access (and BLE)
✅ Ethernet
❌ File Backup/restore
❌ File transfer
✅ Freeform window management
✅ Gamepad
❌ Hardware DRM
✅ Location + GPS
✅ Microphone
✅ Multi-monitor/secondary display
❌ Picture-in-picture
✅ Print
❌ Quick tiles
✅ Software DRM (Widevine L3 support)
✅ Touch/Multitouch
✅ Certain Video Decoders and Encoders
✅ WebView
✅ Wi-Fi
✅ Window orientation
⏩ Android 13
⏩ File transfer
⏩ Shortcuts
⏩ Picture-in-picture
⏩ Local network access by default