Intel Next Gen Thunderbolt

Intel today revealed the next generation Thunderbolt connectivity technology that will come in 2023. While maintaining compatibility with the existing USB and Thunderbolt, the next generation Thunderbolt will deliver 80 Gbps of bi-directional bandwidth and enable up to 120 Gbps for the best display experience.

Next generation Thunderbolt will offer the following:

  • Two times the total bandwidth of Thunderbolt 4 to 80 Gbps, while providing up to three times the bandwidth to 120 Gbps for video-intensive usages.
  • Support for the newly released DisplayPort 2.1 for the best display experience.
  • Two times the PCI Express data throughput for faster storage and external graphics.
  • Works with existing passive cables up to 1m via a new signaling technology.
  • Compatible with previous versions of Thunderbolt, USB and DisplayPort.
  • Supported by Intel’s enabling and certification programs.

Intel will reveal more details on next-generation Thunderbolt including the official brand name, features and capabilities in 2023.