Microsoft Oreo Expansion Pack

Microsoft today announced partnership with Oreo to create the THINVITE, a 15-minute snack break delivered to your calendar and your door. You can sign up to receive a limited-edition Snack Break Expansion Cookie Pack, featuring six 4-packs of OREO THINS cookies. Each Pack also comes with “Clippy Dippy”, the perfect Office Assistant to help keep your fingers milk-free when dunking your OREO THINS cookies. Each calendar invite will include a link to a Microsoft Teams live event.

Microsoft encourages users to grab a 4-pack Snack Break Expansion Cookie Pack, Clippy Dippy, and a glass of milk before tuning in for in for a fun and much-needed break experience.

Microsoft also created two new OREO THINS emojis in Microsoft Teams. In the emoji picker windows, type in the search box, “oreo” or “oreoyum”. You can check out the new OREO emojis below.