Microsoft Presenter+

Along with the new Surface devices, Microsoft today announced the new Microsoft Presenter+, a presentation remote with Microsoft Teams certification.

Microsoft Presenter+ comes with support for PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote. In all these presentation software, you can advance slides or go back during your presentation using this remote. The screen pointer will allow you to point at anything on the screen to get the audience’s attention. Also, the left and right navigation buttons can be programmed based on your need.

The integrated control with status light will keep you informed about the mute/unmute status during meetings. Since Presenter+ is Certified for Microsoft Teams, you can quickly join a meeting and raise your hand to participate with the integrated Microsoft Teams button.

According to Microsoft, Presenter+ has a wireless range up to 32 feet/ 10 meters and up to 6 days of battery.

It also has vibration support when you go on/off mute or raise/lower your hand. With the included charging stand, you can easily charge it. You can also charge on the go using a USB-C connection.