Microsoft Syntex

At Ignite 2022 today, Microsoft revealed Microsoft Syntex, a new set of content apps and services that use AI to index and organize large quantities of unstructured content. The index can be used for easy search and analysis. Syntex can also automate contract processing and e-signature.

Users can use the advanced viewer to add secure annotations and redactions to any file, as well as build new content, singly or at scale, and integrate Syntex eSignature into business processes.

Syntex features include:

  • Management and protection of content across the full life cycle, with backup, archiving, analytics and advanced management to help shape content delivery to the organization and beyond.
  • Business app integrations to bring Microsoft 365 content to line-of-business systems like Dynamics 365.
  • Containers that enable developers to store critical content in a managed container with expanded capacity and license flexibility. The Content Lake feature allows users to bring huge datasets into Azure Synapse for additional data analytics and modeling.
  • Scenario accelerators like contract management and accounts payable.

The Syntex features are rolling out starting today and will continue through early 2023.