Microsoft Places app

At Ignite 2022, Microsoft today introduced Microsoft Places, a new workplace app to optimize spaces for hybrid work. Microsoft Places will allow people in an organization to understand who will be in the office, when they will be available in the office, where they are seated, available meeting locations and more. Also, Microsoft Places is not a standalone app, 3rd party partners can build and integrate new and existing solutions on top of Microsoft Places.

Microsoft Places will use intelligence to optimize where work happens in hybrid work: connecting virtual and physical spaces to drive increased connections, engagement and productivity while providing the holistic picture of hybrid work that’s missing today.

The Microsoft Places app will provide:

  • A dashboard view of which days people on the team or collaboration network will be in the office.
  • A presence that will indicate people’s physical location (in office, remote or mobile).
  • The ability to see the workspaces other users have booked, so someone can book one nearby.
  • Insights and guidance on commuting and passing time, plus the ability to automatically schedule travel time.
  • Wayfinding and navigation help within the office location.
  • A modernized conference room booking and technology to allow everyone to be a first-class participant.
  • Insights and guidance on sentiment related to hybrid policies, so managers can implement best practices.
  • Insights and guidance on space usage, so leaders can future-proof spaces and add flexibility into their real estate portfolio.

Microsoft Places preview is coming soon.