Microsoft Cloud Intelligent Data platform

Early this year, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Intelligent Data platform, integrating its database, analytics, and data governance products. At Ignite, Microsoft today announced the Partner Ecosystem for the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. The partner ecosystem will offer complementary and integrated solutions to help customers accelerate their data integration. This first wave of partner solutions spans each layer of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform including:

  • Databases: MongoDB and YugabyteDB bring leading cloud native NoSQL and NewSQL databases together with analytics and data governance within the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.
  • ¬†Analytics: Informatica, Confluent, dbt Labs, Fivetran, Qlik and Striim bring low-code/no-code data integration and transformation solutions for analytics to simplify the process of building and operating complex enterprise- grade pipelines to integrate data from a variety of sources and transform pipelines with a single- pane experience in Microsoft Purview.
  • Data governance: Profisee, CluedIn, Delphix and OneTrust represent Master Data Management, compliance and security solutions for hybrid and multicloud data estates.
The Partner Ecosystem meets customers where they are with select cloud-based partner solutions that complement native Azure platform capabilities with better together solutions, all within the integrated Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.
You can learn more about the new Partner Ecosystem from the source link below.