Microsoft Editor Outlook app

At Ignite 2022, Microsoft today announced several new AI features that are coming to Microsoft Editor, an AI-powered online service that offers spelling, grammar, and refinement suggestions.

Microsoft Editor will soon get Tone suggestion that will help users make thoughtful decisions about the way a message is delivered. Also, the new Summarization feature can provide a short and fluent summary of a longer text document with a single click. This will enable readers to consume relevant information faster. Finally, the Conciseness feature in Word for the web will utilize AI to identify wordy or run-on sentences and recommends an alternate version of the sentence to be more concise and clearer.

Microsoft today also announced that in-context suggestions capability in Microsoft Editor is now rolling out in preview. When you are typing an email message or a document, you can type the “@” key to invoke Editor leveraging Context IQ. A list of items (people, files, etc.) will be displayed for users depending on the context of the text in their message.

Selecting an item with the cursor or hitting “enter” will insert the item into the message.

Editor using Context IQ will be generally available in the coming months.