New Microsoft 365 Logo

The Office Mobile app combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with exclusive features to make it a go-to productivity app. Today, Microsoft is announcing the new Microsoft 365 app that will be the home to all Microsoft 365 apps including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook—along with new apps for creation and expression, like Loop, and even third-party apps

This new Microsoft 365 app is built on Microsoft Graph to bring all your documents, files, contacts, meetings, and more in a single location. Also, this new app will be available to business, education, and consumer segments.

Microsoft is introducing a new Microsoft 365 app for web, Windows and mobile, the home for the favorite tools and content across Microsoft 365 for commercial and consumer users.

The new Microsoft 365 app will offer the following features which are already available on the Office app:

  • Create new documents from a variety of apps or use predesigned templates, including ones featuring an organization’s branding.
  • Access files and content created and shared by the user, no matter where it is stored.
  • Discover, launch and pin all apps and tools.
  • Get recommendations on work that likely needs attention based on meetings, assigned tasks and document activity.
  • Perform common quick actions on content from without switching to another app.

There are also several new features that will enhance the experience, including:

  • Feed: A new way to keep up with work by showcasing shared files from the people users work with and trending content in a bite-sized card format.
  • Apps module: A redesigned interface to access any Microsoft 365 app and related third-party apps. The apps module is also now available on mobile for the first time.
  • Tagging: A new, intuitive way for users to organize their work independent of where files are stored.

The Microsoft 365 app will begin rolling out starting next month.