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Microsoft announces partnership with Meta to bring Microsoft 365 apps and services to Quest VR platform

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At Connect 2022, Meta today announced a huge partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft today announced its plans to bring Microsoft 365 apps and services including Windows 365, Microsoft Teams and others to Meta’s Quest metaverse platform. Find the list of Microsoft apps and services that are coming to Meta Quest.

  • Microsoft Teams immersive meeting experiences for Meta Quest: Connect, share, and collaborate in Teams immersive experiences. Mesh for Teams with Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 devices will enable people to connect and collaborate as though they are together in person.
  • Microsoft Windows 365 for Meta Quest: Stream the Windows experience on Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 devices, and access your personalized apps, content, and settings in VR.
  • Microsoft 365 app experiences for Meta Quest: Interact with 2D content from Sharepoint or productivity apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook directly from Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2.
  • Microsoft Teams/Workrooms integration: Join a Teams meeting from inside Workrooms.
  • Meta Avatars in Microsoft Teams: Use your Meta Avatar in Teams for whiteboarding, brainstorming, and meetups.
  • Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory support for Meta Quest: Enable enterprise security and management on Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 devices.

These new experiences will be available in the coming months.

This new partnership brings Microsoft’s popular productivity tools to Meta’s virtual reality devices, giving people even more flexibility in how they collaborate and get work done.

Microsoft also announced that Quest users will be able to enjoy Xbox games on a large virtual screen. Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) is coming to the Meta Quest Store. Xbox Cloud Gaming will allow you to stream hundreds of Xbox games to Meta Quest 2. When it becomes available, you’ll be able to hook up an Xbox controller to your headset and play games from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library on a massive 2D screen.

Accenture, a leading IT services company, is working with Meta and Microsoft to help companies use VR to transform the way they engage employees, interact with customers, or create products and services in the metaverse.

Meta will also launch Meta Quest for Business, a subscription bundle for Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 that includes essential admin features like device and application management, premium support, and more. Meta Quest for Business will be available next year. Also, it will come with Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory integration allowing enterprises to provision Meta Quest devices as easily as PCs and laptops. You can learn more here.

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