Microsoft Surface Po X

Microsoft today released the October 2022 update for Surface Pro X devices. This update is available for both Surface Pro X SQ1 and Surface Pro X SQ2 devices running Windows 10 May 2020 Update, Version 20H1, or greater.

In addition to improving system performance, graphics performance and stability, this update brings support for Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos delivers immersive sound, whether you’re watching a feature film or playing your favorite game.

  • For games, Dolby Atmos lets you pinpoint teammates, enemies, and obstacles for a competitive edge and more intense game experience.
  • For movies and show in Dolby Atmos, the sounds of people, music, and action put you inside the story to deliver a more encompassing, moving experience.

Find the firmware details below.

Driver Version Device Manager
3.20201.236.0Dolby Device Extension – Extension driver
3.20201.231.0Dolby Device Extension – Extension driver
3.20602.610.0Dolby Device Extension – Extension driver
3.30201.210.0Dolby APO Software Device (HSA) – Software components
3.30202.224.0Dolby APO SWC Device – Software components
27.20.1800.0Qualcomm(R) Adreno (TM) 680 GPU – Display adapters
1.0.0820.3Surface Qualcomm(R) Aqstic™ – Sound, video, and game controllers
1.0.710.0Qualcomm(R) Hexagon (TM) 690 DSP – System devices Integration Driver – System devices PD Controller – Firmware Radio Monitor – System devices Serial Hub Driver – System devices SMF – Firmware SQ1/SQ2 Adreno GPU – Extension driver
14.702.139.0Surface System Aggregator – Firmware
1.403.139.0Surface System Aggregator – Firmware Tcon – Human Interface Devices Touch Firmware – Firmware Touch Pen Processor – Human Interface Devices
3.590.140.0Surface UEFI – Firmware