Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft uses virtualization in Windows 11 for offering virtual machine platform and some security features. Hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI), also called Memory Integrity makes use of Windows 11’s Virtual Machine Platform (VMP).

Memory Integrity feature prevent attackers from injecting their own malicious code and ensures that all drivers loaded onto the OS are signed and trustworthy. This is a critical security feature, and it will be enabled by default on all new Windows 11 devices. However, in some scenarios and some configurations of gaming devices, this feature may cause performance impact.

Gamers who do not want to compromise on their PC’s gaming performance can now turn off the Memory Integrity and VMP features. Microsoft recommends gamers to turn off these features while gaming and turn them back on when finished playing.

Here’s how you can turn off Memory Integrity and VMP features on Windows 11:

Turning off Memory Integrity

  1. Select Start , enter ‘Core Isolation’ in the taskbar, and select Core Isolation from the list of results to open the Windows security app.
  2. On the Core isolation page, turn off the toggle for Memory Integrity. You might need to restart your device.                                  Core isolation settings page with memory integrity toggle

Turning off Virtual Machine Platform (VMP)

  1. Select Start , enter ‘Windows features’ in the search box, and select Turn Windows features on or off from the list of results.
  2. In the Windows Features window that just opened, find and unselect Virtual Machine Platform.  Windows Features window with Virtual Machine Platform folder shown
  3. Select OK. You might need to restart your device.