Microsoft Contacts Management experience

The contacts in Outlook get stale over time and users find it challenging to organize them. Microsoft is now introducing a new contact management experience on Outlook Web App that will allow users to easily organize and manage their contacts. There are four new features:

  1. Self-updating contacts (for enterprise users only) to always keep contacts up to date. These contacts automatically stay up to date based on the organization directory. For example, if someone’s phone number or department designation changes, it will automatically be updated in your contact list.
  2. Contact categories to easily organize, find, and connect with contacts. This is a new way of managing contacts replacing the existing folders. Categories are just like tags; you can apply these tags to contacts to group contacts into desired categories. Your existing folders will be migrated to categories.
  3. New contact editor will allow you to create, update, and categorize contacts, and manage them from the email, calendar, and People hub.
  4. Upgraded People hub to view, manage, and collaborate with contacts. The People hub will allow you to do the following:
    1. View, manage, and organize your contacts
    2. Create and manage personal contact lists
    3. Access important contacts by favoriting them
    4. Quickly call, message, and email contacts/contact lists