Microsoft Azure NBA app

The NBA today announced the new revamped NBA app powered by the NBA’s new integrated digital platform, which was built in partnership with Microsoft, NBA’s official cloud and AI partner.

The NBA app comes with new personalization features, wall-to-wall content from every NBA game with TikTok-style vertical video, behind-the-scenes access to players and teams, new and existing shows and series, and access to the NBA vault for free. You can download this app for free today.

The NBA App includes a first-of-its-kind “For You” experience, with content recommendations based on fan preferences and personalization powered by Microsoft Azure and Azure AI. NBA selected Microsoft as its partner since it offers a complete platform to aggregate data and then act on it using advanced AI and machine learning. Also, Microsoft has a vast network of partners who can bring NBA’s vision to life.

“We’re a basketball league. We don’t need to reinvent what companies in the tech and broadcast industry already do so well. We’re focused on creating a differentiated basketball experience [for our fans]. Microsoft offered the Azure platform, the capabilities, and partners with deep expertise to help us put it all together,” said Ken DeGennaro, senior vice president of media operations and technology for the NBA.

The NBA and Microsoft are committed to wowing fans with a product that truly stretches the boundaries of basketball and technology.