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Intel announces Unison, a new software that connects Windows PCs with iOS and Android smartphones

Intel Unison Windows iOS Android

At the Intel Innovation event today, Intel today announced Unison, a new software solution that offers connectivity between Android and iOS smartphones and Windows PCs. Similar to Microsoft Phone Link app, this upcoming app will include features like file transfer, text messaging, phone calls and phone notifications.

Following a simple pairing process, users will be able to:

  • File transfer: Users save time when transferring files and photos between a PC and Android or iOS device, as well as extend the power of the PC and enjoy the continuity of taking a photo or video on a phone and seamlessly editing on the PC.
  • Text message: Users send and receive text messages from PCs to avoid device-switching and enjoy the comfort and ease of a full keyboard and monitor.
  • Phone calls: With access to a phone’s full contact list, users can make and receive voice calls directly from their PCs.
  • Phone notifications: Users can receive and manage phone notifications from a PC to stay connected and maintain control.

Intel Unison will be available on select Intel Evo laptops based on 12th Gen Intel Core processors from Acer, HP and Lenovo this year, and 13th Gen Intel Core-based designs starting early in 2023.

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