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Microsoft releases Windows 11 Preview Build 25206 with the updated “Open with” dialog box and more

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Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 11 Preview Build 25206 to Dev Channel Insiders. This new Windows 11 build comes with the updated “Open with” dialog, changes to SMB authentication rate limiter, ability to use Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) on external displays and more. Find the full details below.

What’s new in Windows 11 Preview Build 25206:

SMB authentication rate limiter behavior changes

The SMB authentication rate limiter in Insider Preview builds has added an additional protection mechanism to the SMB server service: it implements a delay between each failed NTLM authentication. Starting in Build 25206, it is on by default and set to 2000ms (2 seconds). Any bad usernames or passwords sent to SMB will now cause a 2 second delay by default in all editions of Windows Insiders.

Changes and Improvements


  • The updated “Open with” dialog box is now available to all Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.


  • Windows Insiders can now save power by using Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) on external displays! To enable this setting, you must have a 120+Hz monitor with VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) support, as well as a WDDM 3.1 driver installed. To select a dynamic refresh rate, go to Settings System Display Advanced display and make your selection under Refresh rate.

[File Explorer]

  • Search from File Explorer Home will show recent file activity for cloud files.


  • We’re beginning to roll out a change to suppose the use of clipboard history (WIN + V) on password fields. We are beginning to roll this out, so the experience isn’t available to all Insiders just yet.

This build also includes several bug fixes, find the list of them in the image below.

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