Today Microsoft announced the details of this year’s Microsoft Research Summit, which will take place on October 18-20, 2022.

The virtual event will allow the global research community convenes to explore how emerging research might best address societal challenges and have significant impact on our lives in the coming years.

This year’s event will feature over 120 speakers, including researchers and leaders from across the research community at Microsoft, alongside partners and collaborators from industry, academia and government who are advancing the frontiers of research in computing and across the sciences.

Each of the three days will begin with a plenary session during which attendees will explore the potential impact of deep learning on scientific discovery, the opportunity to use technology to make healthcare more precise and accessible, and the re-invention of foundational technologies to enable the cloud of the future. These plenaries will lead into tracks that dive deeper into research that spans from more efficient and adaptable AI, to technologies that amplify human creativity and help foster a more sustainable society.

For further details – and to register to attend – check out the Microsoft Research Summit website.