Microsoft Teams

Over the past few years, Microsoft Teams ringtone has become ubiquitous around the world. On social media, you would be able to find several remixes of Microsoft Teams ringtone created by enthusiasts and community members over the years.

Microsoft today released an official remix of the Microsoft Teams ringtone. You can listen to it below.

You can now select this remix as your ringtone in Microsoft Teams. Here’s how you can change your ringtone in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Go to Settings menu -> Calls tab.
  2. A new ringtone (“Remix”) will appear in the dropdown menu.
  3. If the new ringtone does not appear in the dropdown, go to “Menu” and click on “check for updates.”

You can change the Teams ringtone on desktop and web apps. When you change it in the desktop or web apps, it will automatically change across all your Teams app, including mobile apps.