Microsoft Stream Mobile app

Microsoft Stream is an enterprise video service that allows people in your organization to upload, view, and share videos securely. Microsoft today announced the redesigned Stream mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

The beta version of the redesigned app will allow you to search for videos across your organization, check Microsoft Teams meeting recordings, mark ­­videos as favorites, and easily share videos with your colleagues. This app allows you to access both Stream (Classic) and Stream (on SharePoint) videos through a personalized home feed, and a richer video viewing experience.

Microsoft Stream beta app features:

  • Use your personalized home feed to return to previously shared videos, meeting recordings and collaboration updates.
  • Search for any videos in the organization using keyword or Author name.
  • Catch up with missed meetings via the dedicated meetings filter on home page.
  • Mark important videos as Favorites and find them anytime from the library section.
  • Share useful videos with your colleagues with a tap of a button.
  • Seamlessly access both Stream Classic and Stream (on SharePoint) video content.

You can sign-up for the Microsoft Stream beta here. Microsoft also mentioned that this beta app will lack certain features that may be critical to some users, such as video recording, uploading and offline downloads. Microsoft will add all these features to this redesigned app by 2023.