Microsoft Edge Sidebar

Microsoft recently introduced a new sidebar feature in Microsoft Edge. The new sidebar allows users to access tools and features side-by-side, even when they navigate between tabs. The sidebar features include search, Discover, tools, Games, Office, and Outlook. Microsoft has plans to add more features to the sidebar in the future. Check out a brief demo below.


The Office feature in the sidebar allows you to easily access Microsoft 365 apps, see your most recent files and even filter depending on the app you want to use and more. The Outlook feature will allow you to check your inbox or check your calendar without having to navigate away from your browsing activities. The Discover feature in the sidebar improves your browsing experience and provides more relevant information as you search the web.

To customize the sidebar, just click the + button to add and remove features. Or, if you want it out of the way, you can hide it with the click of a single button at the bottom of the sidebar.

You can enable the new sidebar by clicking Settings and more (…) and then “Show sidebar.”