Apple has been working on a virtual reality headset for some years now, but there is some new evidence that the device may be closer to market than ever before.

Bloomberg reports that Apple appears to have filed for trademarks for devices called the “Reality One” and “Reality Pro” , powered by the “Reality Processor.” 

The trademarks were filed via Apple shell companies in the  U.S., the E.U., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. 

According to earlier reports, Apple was working with Taiwan’s TSMC to develop OLED displays for VR devices. Their headset display will reportedly feature micro OLED technology, which does not require colour filters since OLEDs are deposited directly on the chip wafer. This means the resulting display can be smaller, thinner, and more efficient. The display will be powered by the Apple M1 chip and run a version of iOS. Performance test for VR headset production has reportedly already been recently completed.

No release date for the headset has been announced yet.