Microsoft To Do rich text

Microsoft recently announced 3 new features that are now available on the Microsoft To Do app on Android.

Microsoft To Do now supports text formatting options. You can open the detailed view of a task and then tap on the notes section to automatically open a new screen. You can use the formatting bar at the bottom to add text with the following:

  • Heading, subheading, body
  • Bold, italics, underline
  • Bulleted/ numbered list
  • Links

Microsoft To Do Widgets

The To Do widget now has new customization options using which you can set the transparency of your widget and select fotn size. You also have the option to show task details (such due dates, reminders, recurrence, etc) and show completed tasks.

Intelligent suggestions are now available on To Do Android. This is based on the historical items you have added to the list. This feature is turned On by default for grocery lists and turned Off by default for other lists. You can tap the three-dot menu on the top right of the list screen to enable this feature.

Finally, you now have a Marvel theme.

Tap on the list suggestions or three dots menu and from here, tap on Change Theme and then select Photo. The first photo in this list should change your theme to the She Hulk theme.