Dropbox capture windows Microsoft store

The official Dropbox Capture Beta app is now available for download from Microsoft Store. Dropbox Capture app will allow you to easily create screenshots, GIFs, or simple video recordings of your screen.

Create screen recordings, GIFs, and screenshots, and easily add voiceovers and markups.

Dropbox Capture features:

  • Easily show what you mean with easy to take screen recordings, GIFs, and screenshots.
  • Explain your work and ideas with audio and video recordings—so context and tone don’t get lost.
  • Dive into the details by sharing a specific part of your screen. Add extra emphasis with text, shapes, drawings, and arrows.
  • Replace lengthy emails and complex document markups with short video messages that accomplish the same objectives in less time.
  • Stop juggling schedules across time zones. Instead, record and share status updates and work in progress with your team, so they can stay informed on their own time.
  • Instantly share Captures with your team. Recordings and screenshots are automatically copied to your clipboard.
  • Add a personal touch to your work with a friendly video or voiceover.
  • Expand your reach by taking and sharing as many recordings as you want.
  • Set your audience with link permissions. Ensure recordings and screenshots are only shared with the people you choose.

You can download the Dropbox Capture app for Windows PCs for free from the source link below.