Google IoT Hub is dead

Google today announced that Google Cloud IoT Core service will be discontinued in 2023. Google IoT Core is a fully managed service that allows organizations to connect, manage, and ingest data from globally dispersed IoT devices easily and securely. IoT Core supported the standard MQTT and HTTP protocols. It is surprising to know that Google is killing one of its core IoT service.

Google Cloud IoT Core Service will be discontinued on August 16, 2023. Once discontinued, you won’t be able to access the IoT Core Device Manager APIs and devices will be unable to connect to the Google Cloud IoT Core MQTT and HTTP bridges and existing connections will be shut down.

Google recommends organizations to migrate from IoT Core to an alternative service. Google Cloud account managers can suggest Google Cloud partners that offer alternative IoT technology or implementation services that meet your IoT requirements.

Microsoft offers Azure IoT Hub service that allows you to connect, monitor and manage billions of IoT assets. Azure IoT Hub and IoT Hub device SDKs support the following protocols for connecting devices:

  • AMQP
  • AMQP over WebSockets
  • MQTT
  • MQTT over WebSockets

If your application cannot use one of the supported protocols, you can also extend IoT Hub to support custom protocols by using IoT Edge to create a field gateway to perform protocol translation on the edge or by customising the Azure IoT protocol gateway to perform protocol translation in the cloud. Maersk, TEXA, EcoLab are some of the customers currently using Azure IoT Hub.