Ubuntu Dot net 6

Microsoft today announced that .NET 6 is now natively available in Ubuntu 22.04 and in Chiseled Ubuntu Containers. In Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy), .NET can be installed with a simple apt install dotnet6 command, making it easier for Ubuntu users to install .NET.

Microsoft and Canonical are committed to working together to simplify and improve the .NET on Ubuntu experience and shorten the supply chain between Canonical and Microsoft.

Today’s announcement also includes .NET 6 availability with Chiseled Ubuntu Containers, new container images that improve security posture with ultra-small images, no shell, and no package manager. Canonical has released the following two new Ubuntu-based OCI images for .NET 6, maintained as part of the existing portfolio of LTS images:

Microsoft and Canonical also announced that they have committed to working together to ensure that new .NET releases are available with new Ubuntu releases.

“Ubuntu now has an end-to-end story from development to production with ultra-small supported container images, starting with the .NET platform”, said Valentin Viennot, Product Manager, Canonical. “We think it’s a huge improvement for both our communities; collaborating with the .NET team at Microsoft has enabled us to go above and beyond”.