Microsoft has announced the addition of a new feature to Shopping Searches – time- and money-saving annotations to shopping search results.

Ever wondered if you were overlooking coupons or special promotions when you shop online? Or perhaps you didn’t even consider that a discount might be available, and you missed out! Bing now provides you with this information within shopping searches – annotations neatly nested within your search results, without the need to install a browser extension or plugin (third-party cookies must be enabled.)

Let’s say you are shopping for a new outfit. Or maybe you are just window shopping for some back-to-the-office fashions. A search for the Eileen Fisher website on Bing reveals that some coupons are available, even before you click to enter the site. No need to do a separate search for a code. And if you decide to click in and do some shopping, the coupon will be automatically copied and applied to your purchase. All of this is made possible by quick and easy annotation links found within your search results.

This feature is now available across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France.
Annotations also make it easy to do good while you save money. If you are looking for eco-friendly, upcycled, or fair-trade fashion, Bing helps identify those opportunities via their Ethical choice annotation, which has recently expanded to more regions around the world. Powered by the ethical fashion app Good On You®, the Ethical choice ratings are based on a brand’s impact on three areas: people, planet, and animals. For more information click on any Ethical choice annotation found within your search results, such as in the example below. For information on how this score is created, please visit: Good On You ratings explained.

Ethical shoppers buy from brands that align with their personal values. Bing makes it easy to be a part of a growing ethical shopping movement with a huge potential impact.

Another annotation recently made available is price history. To help you decide when to make a purchase, Bing is adding an annotation that reveals an item’s pricing over time; this handy graph helps determine if it’s the right time to buy. You can feel better about your purchase knowing that the price has recently gone down or may decide to hold off if it was significantly cheaper in the past.

This feature is available across US, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, and India.