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Microsoft announces general availability of Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Back in May, Microsoft announced Microsoft Entra, a new product family that encompasses all of Microsoft’s identity and access capabilities. Microsoft Entra offers identity and access management, cloud infrastructure entitlement management, and identity verification. Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft Entra Verified ID (previously known as Azure Active Directory Verifiable Credentials). Also, Microsoft Entra Verified ID is included with any Azure Active Directory subscription, including Azure AD Free plan.

Verified ID is an open-standards platform that will help organizations easily verify identity information while protecting the individual’s privacy.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID features:

  • Verify and issue workplace credentials, education status, certifications, or any unique identity attributes.
  • Empower your users to own and control their digital identity for improved privacy.
  • Reduce organizational risk and simplify the audit process.
  • Provide developers with a seamless way to create user-centric, serverless apps.

Microsoft has partnered with 10 leading identity verification partners so enterprises can remotely verify foundational identity attributes across 192 countries, 6,000 identification documents, and 1,000’s of attributes for organizational attributes and individuals.

Users can use these credentials to quickly start a job, apply for a loan, or access secure apps and services.

You can learn more about Microsoft Entra Verified ID here.

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