Microsoft Word Review Mode

Microsoft recently introduced a new feature in Word that will allow you to share a Word document with others explicitly for review. This feature is called Review mode and it will allow you to share your Word document specifically for review and get suggestions for improvements.

Here’s how Review mode works:

  • When the reviewer opens a document that was shared for review, the document will be opened automatically in Review mode.
  • In Review mode, the reviewer won’t have full edit control but will be allowed to add suggestions to the document in the form of comments or tracked changes.
  • Document owners or other collaborators who have full edit permissions can later approve the suggested changes to the document.

Here’s how you can use this feature:

  • To share any Word document for review, click the Share button, and then click the Share command in the menu.
  • In Word for the web, Word for Windows, or Word for Mac, add the people that you want to review the document, and then select the Can review option.

This new Review mode feature is available to all users in Word for the web, and to all Beta Channel, Current Channel (Preview) and Current Channel users in Word for Windows and Word for Mac.