Microsoft Viva Goals GA

Back in May, Microsoft announced Viva Goals, a new Viva module powered by the acquisition. Viva Goals is a goal setting and management solution that leverages the power of the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework and aligns teams to your organization’s strategic priorities, driving results and a thriving business. Microsoft today announced the general availability of Viva Goals.

Microsoft Viva Goals features:

  • Creating clarity: With one centralized source of truth for goal setting, monitoring progress, and assessing success across your organization, you create clarity for your team, connect daily work to outcomes and align at all levels 
  • Focusing teams on impact, not output: Shift focus from effort and activity to impact and outcomes, share progress across your organization with customizable dashboards that turn data into insights, and stay agile ​at scale   
  • Bringing goals into the flow of everyday work: Keep goals top-of-mind by bringing data and actions into the spaces your team is already using, like Microsoft Teams, ADO, and the most popular data and project management tools.

Viva Goals also supports integration with the following apps and services:

Viva Goals can be purchased separately for $6 per month or it can be bought along with the entire Viva suite for $9 per month. Viva Goals is available as an app in Microsoft Teams and as a web app.