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Microsoft announces the public preview of Microsoft Viva Sales

Microsoft Viva Sales

Back in June, Microsoft announced Viva Sales, a new seller experience application that will work with any CRM system with customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Viva Sales brings everything sellers need into a single workflow designed for sellers. Microsoft today announced the public preview of Microsoft Viva Sales.

Having essential information in the flow of work saves valuable time, helps make better decisions, and empowers sellers to build stronger relationships so they can close more deals, faster.

Viva Sales Public Preview offers the following features:

  • Access important CRM customer data in Outlook and Teams to reduce time spent looking for information: Sellers can access customer contact details and related account and opportunity data from CRM inside Outlook and Teams applications.
  • Connect to CRM of choice to reduce application switching: Viva Sales Public preview includes connectors to Dynamics 365 Sales and Salesforce. Sellers can update critical contact data without switching applications.
  • Easily create customer contacts from Outlook: With Viva Sales, sellers can capture new customer contacts with a few clicks from Outlook. Key insights such as previous activities and files exchanged will soon be available to enrich this information further.
  • Improve sales performance on customer calls with Sales Conversation Intelligence (SCI): When communicating with customers on Teams, sellers can utilize SCI to generate call summaries, track customer sentiment and suggest action items for customer follow-ups post calls.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on relevant customer data in Teams and Outlook: Sellers can look up customers from within a Teams conversation and immediately share it with their team. They can copy customer contacts from Outlook as rich, editable context and paste them into a Teams conversation. All this allows sales teams to get customer context without switching to CRM.
  • Stay secure and compliant: Viva Sales respects company security and privacy policies in sharing customer contact information, including CRM access controls and user permissions. Switching it on is an easy decision.
  • Quick install and setup: A Microsoft 365 admin can set up the Viva Sales application from the admin center and assign the right users.

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