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Microsoft recently announced Azure Premium SSD v2 Disk Storage, the next generation of Microsoft Azure Premium SSD Disk Storage with best-in-class IOPS and bandwidth. The new offering is designed for IO-intense enterprise apps that require consistent sub-millisecond disk latencies and high IOPS and throughput at a low cost.

Microsoft claims that you can now configure up to 64TiBs of storage capacity, 80,000 IOPS, and 1,200 MBPS throughput on a single disk. Unlike the current Premium SSD offering, the new Azure Premium SSD v2 will allow you to configure with any supported size you prefer and make granular adjustments to the performance without downtime.

With the launch of Premium SSD v2, our Azure Disk Storage portfolio now includes one of the most comprehensive sets of disk storage offerings to satisfy workloads.

Premium SSD v2 highlights:

  • Granular disk size in 1 GiB increments.
  • Independent provisioning of IOPS, throughput, and GiB.
  • Consistent sub-millisecond latency.
  • Easier maintenance with scaling performance up and down without downtime.

Here’s how Premium SSD v2 compares to the existing Azure SSD offerings:

Ultra DiskPremium SSD v2Premium SSD
Disk Size4 GiB – 64 TiB1 GiB – 64 TiB4 GiB – 32 TiB
Baseline IOPSVaries by disk size3,000 IOPS freeVaries by disk size
Baseline throughputVaries by disk size125 MBPS freeVaries by disk size
Peak IOPS160,000 IOPS80,000 IOPS20,000 IOPS
Peak Throughput4,000 MBPS1,200 MBPS900 MBPS
Durability99.999999999% durability

(~0% annual failure rate)

99.999999999% durability

(~0% annual failure rate)

99.999999999% durability

(~0% annual failure rate)


As expected, the new Premium SSD v2 disks are billed hourly based on the provisioned capacity, IOPS, and MBPS. You can request here to get the preview access to Premium SSD v2.