Google Chrome OS Flex deployment

Early this year, Google announced ChromeOS Flex targeting enterprise customers who want to reuse their old PCs and Macs. ChromeOS Flex is a cloud-first, easy-to-manage, and fast OS for PCs and Macs. After several months of testing with early access customers, Google today announced the general availability of ChromeOS Flex.

ChromeOS Flex offers the following:

  • Proactive security: ChromeOS Flex provides much needed protection from growing threats, including ransomware, malware, and employee errors.
  • Fast deployment & easy management: ChromeOS Flex can be rapidly deployed via USB or through your company network. With Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, you can manage apps and policies from anywhere, even the beach.
  • Fast, modern work experiences: Devices don’t slow down over time. Background updates reduce device downtime and improve productivity, so you can spend extra time relaxing.
  • Sustainable for your business and planet: Breathe new life into existing hardware to reduce e-waste, energy consumption, and maintain clear blue skies.

To try out ChromeOS Flex, you just need a USB drive. You can simply boot and run from the USB to try it out before deciding to install it on your device.

You can download ChromeOS Flex here.