Microsoft Power BI data in space

Yesterday, Microsoft introduced a new AR feature in Power BI Mobile app called Data in space. The new Data in Space feature allows users to create spatial anchors in the real world and attach their Power BI data to them. For example, a retail employee can check the current unsold items on a shelf by visiting a section in the store. This feature can be used for any data that can be connected to a physical environment.

Right now, the Data in space feature is limited to Power BI iOS app. This feature is powered by Azure Spatial Anchors service. So, the data pinned in any environment by one device can be recognized by another device, enabling cross-device experience. Microsoft is planning to release Data in space support for Android later this year.

Think about a facility management scenario, where you, as a building manager, can pin reports showing the status of various areas in the building as collected from multiple sensors and data sources, such as air quality, temperature, floor occupancy, etc.

Once Power BI administrator enables Data in space in your organization, you can try out this feature using an iOS device.