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Files app for Windows updated with Compact sizing option, new tags section and more

Microsoft Files File Manager app

Files is a popular 3rd party File manager app for Windows devices. Today, Files v2.3, the next major update was released in the Microsoft Store. Files v2.3 update Compact sizing option, new tags section, support for applying bulk actions in the conflicts dialog and more.

The new compact spacing feature allows you to view more items on the screen. The bulk actions experience in the conflicts dialog makes it easier to manage large number of files with ease. There is a new double click gesture that allows you to navigate up one directory. Finally, there is a new option to display tags on the sidebar.

Compact sizing allows users to view more items on the screen

Other changes included in Files v2.3:

  • Improved the reliability and speed of drag and drop
  • Added a pull to refresh gesture
  • Removed the minimize and maximize buttons from the properties window
  • Added an animation when clicking on the setting and search buttons
  • Added an option to always show icons instead of thumbnails
  • Improved the spacing in the pathbar
  • Added a chevron to the pathbar to better indicate that there is a flyout menu
  • Reduced the spacing between widgets on the home page
  • Double clicking the grid splitter will now reset panes in the dual pane layout to the default width
  • More file types are now displayed in the “new” item context menu
  • Double clicking in a blank space will now go up one directory in the file tree
  • Adding a tag to a file no longer changes the date modified property
  • Added a shortcut to open folders in the default terminal ctrl + shift + '
  • Added a shortcut to play and pause media in the preview pane ctrl + space
  • Reduced the height of items in the sidebar to allow more items to be displayed at once
  • Invalid favorites and network shares are no longer removed the sidebar
  • Added a context menu to hide sections when right clicking on the sidebar
  • Added support for renaming items in the conflicts dialog
  • Network shares will automatically refresh when their content changes
  • Auto select first item in user list for permissions
  • Auto select the primary button in the empty recycle bin dialog
  • Deleting an item will automatically move the focus to the next item in the list
  • Resizing the window no longer changes the width of columns in the details layout
  • Added examples to the date format setting
  • Improved behavior when trying to name an item with invalid characters
  • Added a notification when copying or moving an item fails
  • Added the archive name to the extract archive dialog
  • Added support for adding tags to items in the search results page
  • Show which process is locking a file

You can find the list of bug fixes in this update from the source link below.

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